Student support services

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Student Information

The student support services of ALIT is designed to assist every student with their needs. Our student support policy and services will provide you with the full information, consultancy and aid to make your journey easier with us.

Pre Arrival Information

Be prepared before arriving in Australia. Here you’ll learn what to do as an international student before you start your course and get prepare for your successful journey.

Obtain Student Visa

Essential Documents

Living Options

Life in Melbourne


Through orientation, we will make sure you get all the information you need to start your journey.

Progress intervention

Don’t feel lost throughout the progress of the course. We will lend you a hand whenever you need.

LLN Assessment

Required LLN Levels students are asked to complete the language, literacy and numeracy assessment prior to entry into a course.

Course Progress Requirements

Keep track of all the course requirements and complete your course without any trouble.

RPL And Credit Transfer (CT)

ALIT offers credit transfer (CT) and recognition of prior learning (RPL) to individuals who are eligible.

Additional learning needs

Persons with additional learning needs may request longer duration, this will be discussed at the pre training review with the individual.

Individual support

Small description of the course. Around 30 to 40 words mentioning the key benefits of the course and explaining it’s market demand.

Reasonable Adjustment

Reasonable adjustment will be provided for participants with individual learning needs.

Leave from Studies

In the cases of leave from studies/deferrals or missed classes, the ‘Leave from Studies Form’ must be completed and to be submitted to Student Services

Assessment and Resubmissions

Students have up to three attempts to complete assessment tasks satisfactorily.

Advice to onshore international students:

International students currently enrolled with another provider, are advised that it is a condition of their Visa to continue to that enrolment (including meeting course progress/attendance requirements) unless transferring their principal enrolment to ALIT .
Transfers are only available where one or more of the following apply:
➤ The student has completed six months of their course
➤ The releasing registered provider or the course in which the student is enrolled has ceased to be registered;
➤ The releasing registered provider has had a sanction imposed on its registration by ASQA that prevents the student from continuing his or her principal course at that registered provider;
➤ The releasing registered provider has agreed to the overseas student’s release and recorded the date of effect and reason for release in PRISMS;
➤ Any government sponsor of the student considers the change to be in the student’s best interest and has provided written support for that change.

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